How can I help?

How can I help?

We need a European movement that includes you. You can join the fight by: 

  • Get informed!
    Be a part of the movement by signing up for our newsletter to receive the latest updates on the Women’s Protection Act process. 
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  • Put pressure! 
    Reach out to your Member of the European Parliament (MEP) on Twitter with our easy-to-use Find-your-MEP-tool. By talking directly to your European Parliament representative, you can put political pressure and make sure they know how many we are who need the Women´s Protection Act to become a reality. 
    Put pressure on your MEP!

  • Raise awareness! 
    The best way to ensure we get the Women’s Protection Act done is by making it hard to reject the proposal. Help spread the word and make sure everyone knows what’s at stake. Join the fight and share statistics and facts about gender-based violence on social media. 

Help us and spread the word by sharing these pictures on your social mediaplatforms!

  1. Click on the picture to download the image to your camera roll
  2. Upload it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or your preferred social media account
  3. Combine it with a cap explaining why you want to get Women’s Protection Act done. Example: Time to put an end to the long ongoing pandemic – Men´s violence against women! EU really needs to get it done!

Protect women. Join the fight.

We have a historic opportunity to put an end to men’s violence against women in the whole Union. Receive the latest updates on the Women’s Protection Act process and learn how you can support the movement. Be a part of making history for women.