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We have a historic opportunity to put an end to men’s violence against women in the whole European Union. Receive the latest updates on the Women’s Protection Act process and learn how you can support the movement. Be a part of making history for women.

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In Europe, one in three women has been a victim of physical or sexual abuse. Twenty-two percent of all European women have experienced domestic violence, half of all young women has experienced gender-based cyber violence, 1 in 20 are rape survivors. This is unacceptable.

We have a historic opportunity to end men’s violence against women and domestic violence in the EU. For the first time, the European Parliament will take a stand on a proposal ensuring extensive legislation to combat gender-based violence. 

But be sure, this proposal will not be welcomed by everyone. Far right political forces will work hard to block the proposal and keep referring abuse and rape as ”a family matter”.  

This means we’ll have to work even harder to get the Women’s Protection Act done. To do so, we need a feminist European movement that includes you. It’s now or never – join the fight.


Evin Incir (S&D) is the Co-Lead Negotiator of the European Parliament and will fight for a legislation that prevents and combats violence against women and domestic violence to ensure a high level of security and fundamental rights within the EU. This includes the right to equal treatment and non-discrimination between women and men in all their diversity.

Currently, no EU legislation comprehensively focuses on violence against women and domestic violence. The Women’s Protection Act will be the first act of its kind.

The Current Proposal in short:

  • Implement consent legislations in all EU Member States 
  • Ban Female Genital Mutilation 
  • New comprehensive legislation to combat Cyber Violence
  • Increased safety of women in legal proceedings 
  • Strengthen knowledge in and coordination between relevant authorities on a national and EU-level

You can find the full proposal here.

Some of the additional proposals the Lead Negotiator (Evin Incir) aim to include:

  • Ban forced sterilisation
  • Criminalise negligent rape
  • Combat sexual exploitation through prostitution of others
  • Fight so called honour Crime
  • Cross out all writings on sex workers and replace it with women in prostitution 

You can find the additional proposals here.