What is the aim of the Women’s Protection Act?

Our main goal is to prevent and combat violence against women and domestic violence and to ensure a high level of security and fundamental rights for women within the EU. This includes the right to equal treatment and non-discrimination between women and men.

Why is the Women’s Protection Act needed?

Every week around 50 women are deprived of their lifes due to domestic violence and many more are abused. To end these heinous crimes, all EU Member States must adhere to more rigorous and consistent laws protecting women. EU as a whole must take a stand to protect women’s rights, and the Women’s Protection Act is a massive step in the right direction. 

Why is there a need for a legislation at EU level?

In Europe, one in three women has been subjected to physical or sexual violence. 22% of women in the EU have experienced intimate partner violence and 55% of women in the EU have been subjected to sexual harassment. Women are also more vulnerable to sexual harassment on social media than other groups.

The Istanbul Convention, which sets out measures to end men’s violence against women, was drawn up to tackle the problem. But unfortunately, only 21 of the 27 EU member states have ratified the convention. This means that an additional approach is needed to make a bigger difference and protect women in Europe.

Who is against the Women’s Protection Act?

Far rights forces and legislators with stone-age mentality will oppose the proposition. They will argue that the EU ”has no right to intervene” in what they prefer to call ”family matters” when, in fact, what we are talking about is criminal abuse. Violence against women is always a crime, not a private sphere disagreement.

Far rights forces and legislators with stone-age mentality will work hard to stop the legislation, just as they have worked hard throughout history to limit women’s rights. Because of this, we’ll have to work even harder to accomplish our goal.

When can the legislation get in place? 

The Commission has now presented its directive and is awaiting the positions of the Council and Parliament. We are currently working as fast as we can. The aim is to be able to start the negotiations between the Commission, Council and European Parliament during early summer 2023. All member states will have to implement the directive within two years after the final proposal has been agreed upon.

Protect women. Join the fight.

We have a historic opportunity to put an end to men’s violence against women in the whole Union. Receive the latest updates on the Women’s Protection Act process and learn how you can support the movement. Be a part of making history for women.